Serving Individuals and Couples

Using a psychodynamic, mindfulness-based approach, I work with a range of cases including people with issues related to or stemming from trauma, anxiety/depression, addiction, relationship difficulties, and the journey towards self-actualization. I specialize in couples, individuals, and sex therapy. The mind/body connection is an important aspect of this work, and is used to help with emotional regulation, to improve self-awareness, and to promote self-acceptance, three major components of creating desired change in a therapeutic process.

Being in a long term relationship is one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys you will ever choose to take.  In a primary long-term relationship, we encounter emotional states, needs, and desires that simply don’t show up in other contexts. These states are often informed by earlier experiences in development that can feel overwhelming to untangle and make sense of.  I help people to navigate and communicate from and through these states, using emotional regulation and communication techniques in session that become the building blocks for tools to be used outside of session, in your life.

My work as a sex therapist includes helping people to know and enjoy their sensual and erotic selves. This comes with information, activity, and self attunement, all of which I will guide you through. I help people deal with the shame we are almost universally saddled with by the extensive misinformation we receive throughout development. I will guide you through learning how to be attuned to your physical self, how to cope with a noisy brain, and how to shift states toward the erotic.  I will help you to understand your own arousal template, to define what sex is for you and why it is important in your life.