I am on the faculty of the Sex Therapy Program at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy (ICP) where I am involved in supervising and teaching sex therapists on a wide array of sexual issues. I am certified in sex therapy and couples therapy, and have a private practice where I take on a collaborative role in the therapeutic space. I help people to identify and articulate what’s missing, to create tools for treatment and understanding, and to demystify and make accessible the feeling of true connectedness and presence.

I work with individuals and couples from diverse backgrounds in terms of identity, class, traditional and non-traditional lifestyles. I help people to heal trauma, to manage and treat compulsions or out of control behaviors, to understand the needs behind limiting patterns and address those needs in alignment with one’s values. I help people improve emotional regulation, trust, sexual connection, and sexual functioning. As a certified sex therapist, I help people find their path to transformation, to gain access to a sense of fulfillment of the whole self, including the erotic.

I provide psychotherapy incorporating safety and non-judgmental attunement, considering the individual through attachment, relational and developmental theories. My practice facilitates the journey towards a deeper level of self-awareness, a sense of purpose, and satisfaction in life. My background is rooted in mindfulness work, which I incorporate into my practice of psychotherapy in various ways. Memories, thoughts, and emotions have corresponding areas of sensation in the body, and simple mindfulness tools may be implemented to help people bridge habitual disconnect between body, mind and emotion.